Diesel Engine Conversions

Propane-powered Semi Truck Propane-powered Dump Truck Propane-powered Bobtail gas truck

Diesel engines cannot be converted to propane in the same sense as lawn mowers and vehicles with gas engines. In those applications, the engine can run on either 100% propane or 100% gasoline. However, by substituting (injecting) propane for diesel you can:

  • Reduce the cost per mile
  • Increase the miles per gallon
  • Reduce exhaust emissions

Without compromising power.

This is done by injecting a precisely metered volume of propane into the post turbo air stream of a diesel engine. The addition of the propane alters the combustion process to increase engine efficiency which reduces diesel fuel consumption and lowers exhaust emissions,

Without compromising power.

Propane Conversion Specialists represents Tecnocarb and their EcoDiesl System. We urge you to go to their web site (link on the left side of this page) to investigate further. For more information about prices and installation, please call Hugh at 563-349-2161.

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